Vanguard series

There is a sense of sophistication about the Vanguard series. Its ultra contemporary and expressive exterior is the result of two materials used, namely aluminium and timber. For example, wooden inlays are set within the all-aluminium frame, and on the door leaf, you will discover the warm, beautiful wood veneer surface stylishly divided by the minimalistic aluminium trims. Like other series in the Urbino collection, the Vanguard series offers you a full, peace-of-mind solution that includes hardware, customization and installation.




Available Finishes for this series - Hover over image for names, Click for larger version


Light OakDark OakSandalwoodRosewoodYellow CherryRed CherryRed Maple

SilverPearl White



Wood veneer (MY)

Light OakDark/Black OakSandalwoodWhite SandalwoodIllusion


Hardware - Hover over image for names, Click for larger version


in Solid Stainless Steel




in Aluminium Alloy

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