Avant-garde series:


If you are looking for a door that speaks of style and exclusivity, then the Avant-garde series is the solution. The curved, all-aluminium frame in satin silver stands out on walls likes a piece of beautiful painting, and makes opening and closing the door a very special experience. Aesthetics aside, the avant-garde series is also practical. The door leaf constructed in aluminium honeycomb core is lighter and tougher, therefore is more durable for home and office use. The Avant-garde series is available in a variety of colours, trims and solutions to meet your needs.




Available Finishes for this series - Hover over image for names, Click for larger version


Light OakDark OakSandalwoodRosewoodYellow CherryRed CherryRed Maple

SilverPearl White



Wood veneer (MY)

Light OakDark/Black OakSandalwoodWhite SandalwoodIllusion


Hardware - Hover over image for names, Click for larger version


in Solid Stainless Steel




in Aluminium Alloy

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